Money on my mind!

Hello, all! it’s been a minute since I wrote something meaningful on here, so here goes…

Today , I was caught up doing all kinds of maths trying to stretch my money and figure out how to get to sustainable monthly expenditure while saving something for the future. Anyway, I did the maths and came to the conclusion that “I need more money”! lol! This is the brilliant conclusion that I reach every few months!!! The question is where will this money come from?

I have courted the idea of opening a fixed deposit account for a short period  so that the interest earned would cover my bank charges. The interest  would  probably cover my account monthly fees ,but also introduces the extra hassle of going to the bank to set up and cancel the arrangements. The thought itself is enough to drain me of my initial zeal but it still leaves my paradox unsolved! Where will I get the extra money?

It may look like the obvious solution but the sloth in me didn’t want to consider it.I need to start some part time activity to up my income. (hold on, the sloth in me needs to take an hour to sit down in absolute horror at this obvious solution)….So the sloth will survive!lol .Anyway brilliant, I need a side hustle , now what? I hear a voice whispering “you could probably write and sell your stuff online” then another voice chips in “but that would mean setting up a pay-pal account and paying for substantial data packages”.  At this point, I realise that I will probably have a long list of possible avenues to take and a longer list of con’s and reason’s why I am doomed to fail!

The deeper question is “how bad do you want the money?” and “how far are you willing to go to get it?”. Then a reminder that all things require effort and not just careful consideration. If all careful consideration leads you to the conclusion that you should never try anything then perhaps money making isn’t for you.  It may be a cliche but it is true that risk is always at the other end of fear which is probably why the Chinese symbols for risk denote both opportunity and risk.


Life is a continuous process of giving up things for things that you want more. These are the times I need to borrow some capitalist mindset to help me zone into the “more money “agenda but I think all I need is to remind myself that all the really nice stuff in life  is at the end of some concerted effort. so here’s to getting my side hassle on, despite my apprehensions: They will be dealt with over a plate of caviar.



3 thoughts on “Money on my mind!

    1. not is running in the background, though. I considered them but the returns and charges, when considered in light of 20% inflation, means I would be losing money and not gaining it. That coupled with the negative reviews I have received from former unit trust investors made me sceptical. Right now the traditional investments are not looking that’s the long short answer


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